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Amma's Secret

Facial Toners by Amma's Secret

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About Amma’s Secret

Our story started on 10th March 2019. It was unintentionally founded and launched by Amma, Arumugam Chandra. We at Amma’s Secret are committed in providing the best natural remedy for all skincare and hair issues. It is our goal to create magic using ethical practices and maintain the highest quality of standard. We will strive towards making Amma’s secret a household name.

Product Details:

  • Rose Rush Toner

Rose water helps to soothe your skin. It balances and hydrate the skin. It can also be doubled up to use together with the Mud Mask. It is best known to refresh, cleanse, soothe and tone the skin as well as slow down the skin aging process. Suitable for all skin types.

  • Lush Lavender Toner

Mostly known for its calming benefits, thus promoting relaxation. Both purifying and regenerating, it provides a pleasant feeling of freshness and well-being. It helps cleanse and soothe the skin. Ideal for sensitive or oily skin types.