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Perfume Oils by Jivaura

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About Jivaura

As a 100% natural brand, Jivaura does not use any chemicals or preservatives in its products. Natural ingredients sourced from all over the world go into making our luscious smelling, hard-working skincare range. Jivaura Pte Ltd was established for the betterment of the beauty industry and the future generations to come. Have you ever read the label on commercial products and wonder what exactly they are? Many of these products contain harsh chemicals that show effects only after prolonged use. We are passionate about transparency. The labels on each Jivaura product list out every single ingredient that goes into creating it.

We at Jivaura, believe in holistic skincare, which means caring for your skin by using 100% natural skincare products. We're all about self-love!


Perfume Oils

I am 100% flower & plant-based. I'm alcohol-free & carry no preservatives. I also act as a moisturizer, leaving your skin soft & supple, as well as retaining the scent for a longer period. I come in a beautiful 10ml glass bottle with a natural bamboo cap. I last 2-6 months based on your usage

Direction of Use: Roll on once on one/two pulse points (wrist, neck, behind the ear, collar bones, inner elbows, and behind knees)

Caution: Remember to do a patch test before use. 


1) For external use only.

2) Do not put moist hands in a jar.

3) Avoid contact with eyes.

4) Sure, I smell great! But do not swallow or take me internally.

5) Keep me away from sunlight, in a cool dry place.

6) If you develop any reactions, stop using me immediately and consult a doctor.

7) Keep away from children and pets