Basic Starter Kit 1 by Kooku Nails

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About Kooku Nails

KOOKU NAILS brings you a collection of premium quality designer nail wraps. Made from real nail polish, our nail wraps are the perfect hack to your conventional manicure. No more smudges and harsh acetones that will harm your nails! DIY amazing nail art right at the comfort of your own home, we bring the salon to you!

Premium Designer Nail Decals made from real nail polish, just peel, stick and file!



Basic Starter Kit 1

  • Mini UV LED Lamp

So compact, so convenient! Use it to cure our peel of topcoats for that perfect and long-lasting finish! Comes with a USB cord, this is a portable mini version and it is suitable for home and travel use. It is lightweight and compact and comes with a dual drying time. Press once for 45sec and press and hold for 60sec.

  • High Gloss Top Coat

Our topcoat is gel finish and comes in a peel-off formula. Cure it with our mini UV LED lamp for that perfect shine that lasts up to 14 days! Apply a layer on top of the nail wrap and cure it for 60-90sec, repeat if needed. To remove, just soak in warm water for 10min and peel off gently.