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Perfume & Diffuser Refill by Jivaura

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About Jivaura

As a 100% natural brand, Jivaura does not use any chemicals or preservatives in its products. Natural ingredients sourced from all over the world go into making our luscious smelling, hard-working skincare range. Jivaura Pte Ltd was established for the betterment of the beauty industry and the future generations to come. Have you ever read the label on commercial products and wonder what exactly they are? Many of these products contain harsh chemicals that show effects only after prolonged use. We are passionate about transparency. The labels on each Jivaura product list out every single ingredient that goes into creating it. We at Jivaura, believe in holistic skincare, which means caring for your skin by using 100% natural skincare products. We're all about self-love!


Did you know that our perfume oils can be used in diffusers as well? Using our droppers, put a few drops into your diffusers and let the magical scent take over your room as you relax

Each Bottle contains 20ml of Refill & Diffuser

1. Moonflower

Moonflower, Rose & Gardenia brings deep warm, floral notes that will take you for a walk in an enchanted garden sprinkled with stars shining like diamond dust against the pitch-dark sky. Like the constellation, a whiff of my sophisticated fragrance sweeps you into a whirlwind of fantasy conjuring up a spell of sensual incantations.


2. Rose

Stop and smell the roses - we have heard timelessly. The rose represents the epitome of beauty and love. For centuries, the rose is known for its aphrodisiac characteristics. The sweet-fruity-spicy notes uplift the heart, drives away melancholy, and gives a feeling of harmony and well-being. Like the rose, the wearer exuberates confidence, romance, and sensuality that will make one stop and take time to appreciate the scent.

3. Himalayan Flower

Think of a carefully handpicked bouquet of delicate, sweet-smelling summer flowers. Each is like a dancer in the wind carrying a delightful and attractive note. Together, they dance bringing together fruity notes with sweet stickiness. This bouquet is carried by a woman of pure innocence & yet who is not afraid to be herself.


4. Intrigue

A splash in the deep blue sea, fizzy lemonade with lots of ice - these are the initial thoughts invoked by this playful fragrance. Zesty & aquatic. The delicate and fresh top notes wear off to what seems like an energetic twist of aquatic floral and musky notes - clean & fresh.


5. White Musk

Stepping out of a steaming hot shower, pulling out freshly laundered linen sheets. Fresh, clean, bright. Smooth powdery notes bring nostalgic memories of baby skin. Subtle sweetness completes the warm masculine aroma with depth.



How to use:

Add the required amount of water into yo diffuser. Using our droppers, put a few drops into your diffusers and let the magical scent take over your room as you relax


1) For external use only.

2) Avoid contact with eyes.

3) Sure, I smell great! But do not swallow or take me internally.

4) Keep me away from sunlight, in a cool dry place.

5) Keep me as far away as possible from children and pets