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Yoga Class with Leanna

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Session details :
Yoga is so much more than contorting your body into shapes, or ‘feeling the burn’ - it’s about finding connectedness in the body and the alignment of body and breath.

We’ll do that here, and you will be invited to explore different variations of multiple yoga shapes to observe the similarities and differences in how you feel in each option.

This class subverts what contemporary yoga tells us about asana. It offers you a gentle invitation to begin the process of finding connectedness as we listen to the self and is suited to practitioners of all levels.

We'll also be working with essential oils, the healing sounds of the singing bowl and koshi chime, and you'll have the opportunity to draw oracle cards to amplify your practice!

Class Format :
We'll begin with a guided meditation, before moving into innovative, adaptable asana. At the end, we'll journal a little and end with a sharing circle.

This session is mostly conducted moving on your yoga mat and lying and sitting on the ground. There are stools in the space for folks who are unable to sit on the ground, and the yoga shapes will be adapted to suit sitting in a stool.

There are yoga mats available n the space so do not worry about bringing your own mats unless you want to.

Accessibility : This venue is not wheelchair accessible due to 2 steps at entrance. There is a lift from the ground floor to the studio.
What to wear : Wear anything comfortable that facilitates movement. Shoes will be removed at the entrance.
What to bring : Bring a journal if you would like

In the event that you cannot attend the class after purchasing the ticket, you can always transfer this ticket to someone else.