Our Bralette Club x The Curve Cult collaboration

Our Bralette Club x The Curve Cult collaboration

Have you heard the latest news?

Our Bralette Club bralettes are now available till uk28 and are now stocked at The Curve Cult store and site. Check out the collection now

Why Bralettes?

Finding plus size intimate wear options in Singapore is a daunting task. If working from home the past few years has caused you to ditch wearing bras altogether, know that you are not alone.

Underwires tend to be very uncomfortable especially when we have heavier or bigger boobs. Plus, how many of us have scars from the wires poking our skin??!!

For years, we have had people telling us that our big boobs are saggy, unattractive and we need to ensure they are lifted and perky no matter how uncomfortable that is.
As you're going back to work more frequently now, it is only natural if you struggle to prioritise comfort over ridiculous perky boob standards.

At The Curve Cult, we make it OUR job to remind you to challenge these unrealistic body standards and lean in to what feels most comfortable for your body.

A collaborative effort by Our Bralette Club and The Curve Cult

In an attempt to bring greater access to comfortable and beautifully designed bralettes, we approached Our Bralette Club with a proposal to increase their size range to accommodate our customers and they agreed!

If you have been contemplating switching to bralettes, we have them available in sizes up to uk 28/30, F/G cups. You can try them in the comfort of our store, together with our clothes. We also have options to alter the bralette or customise them according to your requirements.

How can we improve?

This is the first time Our Bralette Club is increasing their size range and retailing it. We require your valuable feedback to improve the design and fit of the bralettes so that you can enjoy them better.

Feel free to reply to this email/slide into our DMs/WhatsApp us at 9238 9157 to share your feedback with us or enquire.

We hope you enjoy wearing these bralettes and we look forward to bringing more styles your way!

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