Overheard at The Curve Cult #overheardattcc

*Customer enters into the store apprehensively. Rani greets her chirpily.

Rani : Hello! Welcome to The Curve Cult

Customer :Don't worry about me, I'm just looking around**Laughs awkwardly**

Rani : Go ahead and look around as much as you want. Is this your first time here?

Customer : Yes I saw you all online so I just wanted to see what sizes you go up to.

Rani : I know! The number of times I have seen XXXXL outside a store only to go in and try something that wont go past my hips.

Customer : I'm so traumatized, I don't shop in stores anymore - I just buy online. But nothing comes close to feeling the clothes and trying them on. Shopping is difficult and tiring when you are this size. **Frowns and looks dejected**

If this is you as well, we feel you. Contrary to popular belief, not everyone in Singapore is straight sized but do the fashion options we have reflect this? Not at all.

As plus sized people, we have struggled for so long to find fashion avaialble in our sizes especially in physical stores. We are all familiar with walking around for hours through different stores, trying on different clothes that look bigger or stretchy hoping to find something that would fit. And when we do find something that fits, we feel obligated to buy it because we feel we have inconvenieneced the store assistant by getting her to pull out the sizes for us.

Here at The Curve Cult, we hope to change that experience for you. We currently carry sizes from uk14-16 up to uk26-28 in all our designs. We can't promise to be your one stop for everything plus size but we assure you that you will find some really beautiful and suitable options and most importantly, you will have a ball of a time trying on so many different styles in your size, without the pressure of having to buy them.

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