Overheard at The Curve Cult ⁠

Overheard at The Curve Cult ⁠

Customer : *Wearing a bigger size of the Chiffon Work Blouse* Does this make me look clumsy?⁠

Rani : What's a clumsy look? Do you feel like you are going to fall?⁠

Customer : *Turns around to stare at Rani for a good 2 seconds and bursts out laughing* Hahaha no! That's so funny actually. Why do I use words clumsy or sloppy on myself?⁠

Rani : Because that's what people like calling fat people like us. Fat equals sloppy, clumsy, lazy and ugly in their eyes. ⁠

Customer: Wow I have never actually noticed that I use these words on myself. ⁠

Rani : Do you think you are all those things? And do you think other fat people are all those things?⁠

Customer : Omg! No way! I know how painful these words can be and I would never think of other people like that.⁠

Rani: Great, you learnt something about yourself today. Now you just gotta unlearn it and tell your friends about it. ⁠

The first step is to recognise how you have internalised that being fat is equivalent to being lazy, clumsy, ugly. Then you learn why these statements don't hold any truth and you work to unlearn this conditioning. It won't happen overnight but over time, you will know better and then you can do better. Don't forget to pass on the knowledge to the people around you so that together we can eradicate the stigma of being fat. ⁠

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