My Harpers BAZAAR SG Interview Experience - Rani Dhaschainey

My Harpers BAZAAR SG Interview Experience - Rani Dhaschainey

I am so grateful to be featured in @harpersbazaarsg and this got t me reminiscing about the first ever shoot I did for CLEO magazine. The opportunity came through my lovely friend @curvesbecomeher and she roped in @sapphiresplendour and me for the shoot.

My first reaction was to decline. I had never worn a bikini out in public before - I definitely did not have the confidence to wear it and be photographed for a magazine to be seen by thousands all over Singapore.

But the more I thought about it, the more I realised how powerful it would be for 3 fat, brown women to be pictured in a mainstream magazine. I hardly had the representation I was craving for growing up and to think that I could change that for someone younger than me felt incredible.

I am so thankful that I said yes and even more grateful for my amazing fat friends Aarti and Ratna who made me feel super comfortable wearing my bikini because they were their unapologetic badass selves!

Two things that I've learnt :
1) Put that dress/top/jeans/bikini/whatever you want ON!
2) Find yourself some fat positive friends who will support and honour you to be the badass you truly are!

So much love,

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