The Curve Cult unveils it’s newly renovated Store - Singapore

The Curve Cult unveils it’s newly renovated Store - Singapore

When we first opened this store, I remember each session with the contractor being an absolute horror because we had no idea about design, colour palette, showcase cabinets and so on. Designing the clothes was already pretty daunting, needing to design the store was something we had no idea how or where to even start. So we decided to go with the basics, because we thought, what could go wrong?

But with time, The Curve Cult evolved and we felt there was a disconnect between what we stood for and how we looked. Right from the beginning, we were very intentional about our space being a safe space be it physically or virtually. The Curve Cult experience also grew to be so much more than just shopping, but a place where we made friendships, shared our stories and grew as a community. So our brand grew and got stronger in its identity, it was only necessary for its physical space to match that.

Presenting to you our newly renovated store that we hope keeps you feeling safe, warm and delightful!

Come visit us! We are open from 12pm to 8pm
📍#05-126, Far East Plaza.


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