30 Days of TCC Outfits - Day 3


It's day 3 - 30 days of TCC outfits 

Today, I'm really feeling this Maxi Dress. I want something with long sleeves because it's really cold at the store. But I also want to be really dressy. 

Okay. This is a bit too much coverage for me so I'm going to get mine unstitched.

We actually have this option on our website, so go check it out. I steamed this so that it looks better. I'm going go with some oxidized silver jewelry from Desi by Desi. If you don't know of them and you haven't heard of them, where have you been? Go check them out. They are in Little India.

I'm really liking this look. My hair has some character today. I love it. I definitely need a lipstick to tie everything in. 

Trying out a new shade - Sangria from Calithea. I think this look does really well with the oxidized jewelry and all the Jewel tones. 

I'm really loving it.

What do you think of Day 3s' look?

We now offer customized alteration options, so if you'd like to unstitch something, shorten something, remove the sleeves, shorten the sleeves, all of this is now possible.

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