30 Days of TCC Outfits - Day 4


It's day 4 - 30 days of TCC outfits. 

Guess what piece of clothing this is? 

If you said Saree Petticoat, you are not wrong! 

Our Saree Petticoat could definitely double up as a pencil skirt and this layer on the side is giving. 

I have got this super basic sports bra.

It's our Rayon Button Down Shirt.

This looks a little little weird right now, but trust the process.

I went in to add on some gold jewelry because I'm feeling extensive. So I know a lot of you struggle with this and these lumps. I used to have such a problem with this. I'd be like, why can't it just be smooth and straight? And I used to put myself in shapewear, and it's taken me a long time to realize that our bodies are all so different.

And all of this makes my body.

My body, I'll be the last person to tell you, go love your body. Like, that's not achievable every day. And sometimes that's not even what you're looking to do. I think it's really important to surround yourself with people who remind you that you're the badass person that you are.

And you can wear whatever you want to wear and slide into my DMs, and let me tell you how amazing you look every day. Let me know how you like this look. And if you'll wear the sari petticoat out like that.

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