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I specialize in working with women/queer owned, purpose driven, product-based businesses during their critical initial five years of operation. I understand the unique challenges and opportunities that arise during this early stage, and I provide targeted guidance to navigate the complexities and challenges of establishing a successful product-based business.

Through my experience and expertise, I offer insights into gaining clarity around brand messaging and positioning, developing a cult following, serving your ideal customers with purpose whilst growing your profitability, creation of multiple income streams, marketing, product development, operational strategies, and scalability by helping entrepreneurs lay a strong foundation for long-term growth.

By focusing on this pivotal stage, my mentoring sessions empower founders to overcome hurdles and achieve sustainable success in the competitive marketplace.

To create a sustainable impact and witness tangible results, a minimum commitment of six months is necessary. This timeframe allows for the implementation of strategic initiatives, iterative improvements, and the evaluation of their effectiveness. It provides ample opportunity to address challenges, pivot strategies if needed, and observe the long-term impact of implemented changes. This way, the founders can experience the transformative effects of the mentoring process, ensuring a solid foundation for sustained growth and meaningful progress.