The Curve Cult's 30-day Outfit Challenge

Day 1: Lace Cardigan and Sarong Wrap Skirt

Day 2: Long Wrap Dress or Short Wrap Dress

Day 3: Puff Sleeve Maxi Dress and Liquid Matte Lipstick from

Day 4: Rayon Button Down Shirt and Saree Petticoat

Day 5: Lace Cardigan and Sarong Wrap Skirt

Day 6: Criss Cross Back Dress

Day 7: Polo Wrap Dress featuring our Custom Alteration option.

Day 8: Upcycled Wrap Cutout Dress

Day 9: Strappy Dress

Day 10: Rayon Kurti

Day 11: Linen Co-ord Top and Saree Petticoat

Day 12: Cross My Heart Padded Bralette, Classic Shirt, and Pattu Skirt

Day 13: Sarong Wrap Skirt 

Day 14: Sarong Wrap Skirt, Lace Cardigan, and Doble Circle Belt

Day 15: Slit Maxi Dress

Day 16: Linen Co-ord Top and Pants

Day 17: From Bishop Sleeve Kurti into Reworked Bandhani Crop Set

Day 18: From Linen Dress into Reworked Crop Top Linen Set