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Whipped Shea Body Butter By Jivaura

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About Jivaura

As a 100% natural brand, Jivaura does not use any chemicals or preservatives in its products. Natural ingredients sourced from all over the world go into making our luscious smelling, hard-working skincare range. Jivaura Pte Ltd was established for the betterment of the beauty industry and the future generations to come. Have you ever read the label on commercial products and wonder what exactly they are? Many of these products contain harsh chemicals that show effects only after prolonged use. We are passionate about transparency. The labels on each Jivaura product list out every single ingredient that goes into creating it. We at Jivaura, believe in holistic skincare, which means caring for your skin by using 100% natural skincare products. We're all about self-love!


Whipped shea body butter (Lavender)

Rumour has it that I'm one of the best-kept secrets of the beauty world. I'm a skin superfood rich in vitamin A, E & F with anti-ageing and healing properties. I retain the nutty texture of shea butter to have an absolutely natural feel. I'm highly moisturizing. I leave your skin gorgeously nourished and silky soft. I'm a magical blend of shea butter, coconut oil & lavender essential oil. I'm a night cream made to be oily so as to penetrate the deeper layers of skin to moisturize them. Slather me on post-bath, right before bed & let my magic work.
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I'm 100% organic and preservative-free. I retain the nutty texture of shea butter to give an absolutely natural feel. I come in a beautiful 50g glass jar with a natural bamboo cap. I'm environmentally friendly so you can reuse me as long as you like.

How to use:

Slather me on post-bath, right before bed, and let my magic work.


Remember to do a patch test before indulging yourself in me. My shelf life is 6 months (3 months after opening) if you treat me right.

1) For external use only.

2) Do not put moist hands in a jar.

3) Avoid contact with eyes.

4) Sure, I smell great! But do not swallow or take me internally.

5) Keep me away from sunlight, in a cool dry place.

6) If you develop any reactions, stop using me immediately and consult a doctor.