#overheardattcc - Are all genders welcome at The Curve Cult?

#overheardattcc - Are all genders welcome at The Curve Cult?

Time for another Overheard at The Curve Cult
*Customer browsing the racks and looking at the other customer in store nervously*

Customer : Are you sure it is ok for me to be in store?

Rani : Of course! It is more than ok. We are so glad to have you in our space.

Customer : (Laughs nervously) I cannot even begin to tell you the looks I get in other stores. (For context, customer is a transwoman)

Rani : Our space welcomes everyone especially people who feel unwelcomed and excluded in other fashion spaces.

*Customer smiles and steps into the changing room to try on their clothes. They quickly come out again and say they'll wait for the other customer to leave*

Rani : Ok would that make you feel more comfortable?

Customer : Nah, I just want to make sure the other customer is not uncomfortable when I am trying on the clothes

Rani ( in a loud enough voice) : If anyone feels uncomfortable with your presence, they can choose to leave.

The other customer smiles and as they both tried on their outfits, they started speaking to each other and hyping each other like they've been friends for a long time!

As space holders, all of us at The Curve Cult, will always do our very best to ensure that our space feels safe, promotes fat acceptance, uplifts fat folk especially minority, queer, disabled fat folk.

We will always work hard to prioritize our customer's comfort.
However, if someone's comfort lies in excluding another person and making it unsafe for them to exist, we will not stand for that and they can choose to leave if they would like to.

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