"Thank you for this Safe Space" - #overheardatTCC

"Thank you for this Safe Space" - #overheardatTCC

Overheard at The Curve Cult #overheardattcc

*Customer ruffling through the clothes*
Rani : Welcome! Have you been here before?

Customer : Yes, a few times. This space is so warm and lovely, I like to come in here whenever im around the area.

Rani : Aww thank you. Im so glad you feel that way.

Customer : Yes of course, I know when i come in here, I won't be judged or pushed to get something. Thank you for this safe space.

Rani : Thank you so much for that. It really warms my heart that you feel this way about this space.

We opened a retail store because we knew how important it was for you to be able to try on the clothes. As a fat person, most of the options you have are online and you hardly get the experience of trying on clothes and exploring different styles. Plus, nothing feels quite as good as being able to touch the fabric and try on the outfit for yourself.

But we were also intentional that this has to be a safe space that allows you to be yourself, have fun with fashion, meet your body where it is at without any form of judgement or pressure. So for a customer to walk in and say that they feel the way we intended them to feel is simply mindblowing and immensely heartwarming.

To each one of you supporting us and giving us your love, be it buying from us, referring us to your friends, liking,sharing,and engaging with our content, we are so grateful for you!

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